Wrought Iron Coffee Table With Glass Top Ideas


Wrought Iron Coffee Table With Glass Top – We already know that it is not fashionable to smoke in the houses. But who refuses to have a yellow glass ashtray like the one that crowns this pile of books? For those who want to have flowers on the table, tulips never fail in a good style. Not only the materials but also the colors can be a good starting point to create a style at the table. In this sophisticated composition, the pastels and chewing gum of the trays and books were used. Which were tinge with bronze sculptures and marine elements.

The corals, shells or shells are resources also widely use in decoration, although we prefer not to leave their environment. A tray, a vase, a candle and a stack of books (luxury) is the basic equipment to create a stylish composition on your table. Avoid stacking heavy objects on your wrought iron coffee table with glass top. This can cause the top to crack or even break. When placing objects on the table, do it gently and carefully. Use coasters to avoid heat rings and water.

To keep the surface wrought iron coffee table with glass top clean it is recommend to use a window cleaner (or a mixture of water and vinegar) to remove dust, fingerprints, and streaks. Avoid placing elements that could damage the glass, such as objects with sharp edges or rough bases. Rings and other jewelry can also scratch the surface of the glass while it is being clean.


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