Wood Coffee Table With Glass Top Design Ideas


Wood Coffee Table With Glass Top – Today, we find it for a great project. The creation of a coffee table with pallets. If necessary, cut a piece of your palette to the desired size. Ours was very big, so we had to cut a piece so that it was a size adaptation to our living room. Then you have to remove the cleats and boards from below. Do it gently so as not to damage them. Remember to dismount the cleats and planks of the part you removed previously, they will serve you later.

Step three, sand the boards with sandpaper to clean them. You notice that we miss a board on the right, it was damage. So it was replaced by another already disassembled. Then, unfasten the planks to reclose them with no space between them. In everyday life, it is still more practical to be able to put something on the wood coffee table with glass top without landing on the floor below.

We can also keep the spacing and screw a wood coffee table with glass top or Plexiglas tray on the top of the pallet. Then cut out a board of medium the same size as your board. Book three boards that you will screw at the same time as the cleats on the medium board. You can use the less beautiful boards, they will be under the table, and you will not see them.


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