White Wood Coffee Table Traditional Style


White Wood Coffee Table – I’m bored with the traditional coffee tables for the dining room. They seem to be boring, boring and common. So, following this rule, I customized some blocks of wood and turned them into my coffee tables. I decided to reuse some wooden boxes that I had in the garage to store junk as a base for the table. If you do not have anything of the style.

You can make the structure very easily with some wood slats and a lot of art with the hammer, but you must be metalized that this will take you a little while. The truth is that the color of the wood was cool, so I only painted white wood coffee table of the two cubes (I’m still thinking about whether to paint the other one or not). I had to give him several passes of paint because the wood was very rough and it cost me a little to paint it.

Then I sanded the structure smoothly and gave it a layer of wax to nourish the wood and to make it more resistant to friction. And, although I did not paint the other cube, I also gave it a coat of wax. And as the basis of the white wood coffee table, I decided to put a glass surface that I bought (I’m not even crazy to cut glass that I know).


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