Tips Repairing Oval Glass Top Coffee Table


Oval Glass Top Coffee Table – It takes a minute of inattention to break a glass table top. Drop a heavy object on this beautiful table flea market, and its glass tray will break. No worries. Before throwing away your grandmother’s table, learn to replace the glass top. Sometimes repairing broken glass top is as easy as buying a new one on the internet. Still, need to know how to measure the glass correctly.

Order a table top on the internet is not complicated. Many sites offer beautiful oval glass top coffee table trays at competitive prices. You simply need to know some dimensions. Let’s see how to measure them correctly. For square or rectangular trays, measure the width and length. For round trays, measure the diameter through the middle of the table top. Make sure your meter goes well from one end to the other, while passing through the center of the table.

In each case, always measure from inside the frame of the table. If you are going to put heavy objects on your oval glass top coffee table, it is better to use tempered glass top. We recommend using tempered glass for shelves and TV glass furniture. Tempered glass is seven times stronger than normal glass. The tempered glass top is safer. It breaks into small, non-sharp pieces. It is for this reason that most businesses, restaurants, and schools love so much tempered glass.


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