Small Glass Coffee Table Saving Space


Small Glass Coffee Table – Each table has a different personality that requires corresponding objects. Tables such as the one in the photograph. With the envelope of an aged mirror, reflect the objects that it receives on its surface. So that the colors and patterns of each piece will be key in composition. The coffee table is, undoubtedly, an essential element in the decoration. Selecting a functional, decorative piece and, why not personalized, helps create unique spaces.

The exclusive designs guarantee that the pieces fit the small glass coffee table dimensions, trends and home budget. This stylized composition hides a little trick: the base elements (tray and magazines) are square figures, which are accompanied by various rounded pieces (boxes, vases and a beautiful sculpture like a porcupine). The result is very elegant and balanced. To give a vegetable touch, you can put some wild flower in the smallest vase.

This furniture is the focal point of the rooms and its size is small and low. And it is customary to place it in front of the sofa. These can be square, oval, rectangular, round, curved, folding, and volumetric. In some models, this material is combine with steel, which allows an ideal mix of great visual impact. Not only the materials but also the colors can be a good starting point to create a style at the small glass coffee table. A group of three or four old bottles can be a very decorative resource on the table.


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