Oval Glass And Wood Coffee Table Treatment


Oval Glass And Wood Coffee Table – Whether you have just purchased a wooden table or it is an antique, a glass cover can protect your surface from accidents and general wear and tear. It is recommended to use tempered glass since it is harder to break than normal. If this happens, it will break into small fragments instead of into large, sharp pieces and resist the common use to which tables are subject much better than ordinary glass. Measure the size of the top of the wooden table.

If it does not have a standard shape, you may need to use a large sheet of paper and trace the design of the oval glass and wood coffee table surface on it. Then, give it to the glassmakers so that they can duplicate the exact shape and size. Decide on the type of edge you want on the glass, both in the form and finish, as well as the thickness one-quarter-inch thick should be enough for most tables.

For example, the edges may be round, straight or beveled, with a satin or gloss finish. Contact the glassmakers in your area as well as online to get a quote on the tempered glass to put on your oval glass and wood coffee table. It is advisable to look for the best quote, with the delivery price included. Find out about installation costs, especially if you have a large table because large pieces of glass can be heavy and difficult to handle.


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