Mid Century Modern Glass Coffee Table Best Options


Mid Century Modern Glass Coffee Table – It is in those moments when small furniture comes into play, as the auxiliary tables. Where we can afford aesthetic licenses that are more vetoed in the heavier furniture. If we want to introduce a vintage touch that breaks with the modern lines of our living room, this coffee table can be a great alternative.

As a mid century modern glass coffee table meets the basic requirements: it has two heights. So it allows storage under the board and also having four wheels we can move it and place it in the part of the room that suits us at all times. Perhaps the most bizarre element that we find in this book of ideas: the cactus table. This hilarious idea has come from the mind of Italian designer Massimo Mariani who has started from a very basic concept: a small round glass table.

However, the legs of this piece of furniture have become a cactus that holds the glass board and protrudes with a cactus flower that indicates the mid century modern glass coffee table. Choosing such a table for our living room assures us to create an eclectic, different environment, an extravagant and very showy tad. Perfect for the most daring. But if before we talked about a childish touch in the living room, this table does not have much of a child. But it will give a more youthful and fresh look to the room.


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