Metal Coffee Table With Glass Top Welding Types


Metal Coffee Table With Glass Top – In this DIY theme, we will use the technique of arc welding, a very practical technique that will allow us to build metal structures for different uses. Before starting work, we will have to prepare our work space. We will remove from the table all the objects that can burn and we will place some boards that do not serve us on the table so that this one is not damaged by the welding.

The place, of course, will have to be well ventilate. Mark and cut the pieces of iron that will configure the metal structure with the ends at 45ยบ. To perform this task, we will use the jigsaw equipped with a sheet of metals. We present the four pieces on the metal coffee table with glass top and remove the burrs from the cutting areas with the help of a file for this type of materials. We can start with the welding work.

For this, we first hold the pieces with magnetic squares and we give some welding points in the joints to fix the pieces metal coffee table with glass top. We will protect our hands with strong leather or cloth gloves and face with a mask. After checking that the rectangle is well square, we remove the slag from the areas in which we are going to weld with a pickaxe. Next, we passed a wire brush bar so that the joints are completely clean.


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