Gold And Glass Coffee Table Elegance Style


Gold And Glass Coffee Table – Modernize your living room by renovating the coffee tables and auxiliary metal pieces in all the shades of gold and silver are the latest trends in decoration. It is not necessary to have a lot of budgets to renovate your room. With little effort and adequate decoration, you can give a radical change to your home. In this proposal, the living room with straight lines has been decorate with tables of the golden structure with a mirrored lid for the corner.

A side table with a chrome-plated structure in antique gold color and a transparent gold and glass coffee table top. A vintage look that has been renew. In this room, original polished stainless steel auxiliary tables with a gold-colored. Finish are the key to getting a new and very modern look from your living room. The 80s style is reinvent with pieces with a modern touch such as the Chester sofa with wheels and for the auxiliary tables. Two designs with aluminum structure in old gold color that play with the volume.

The sixties style of this side table in chromed metal and glass with mobile intermediate trays is ideal. To give a different touch to your living room, also brings that point of current. This original side table with metal structure in antique gold and glass coffee table top. Is perfect to give a retro point to any room.


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