Glass Nesting Coffee Tables Functional Storage


Glass Nesting Coffee Tables – A storage trunk with unusual features, details or ornaments brings its character to the room when used as decoration. The shape and style of the trunk lid determine whether it requires modifications to work as a flat tabletop coffee table. Choose a trunk in good condition, solid with a tough and thick lid for better results, otherwise, you may need to completely replace the top.

If the trunk lid is sturdy and flat, add a tempered glass nesting coffee tables trim as the style designed to go over a desk or dresser. Choose the crystal that fits perfectly the trunk or is only one inch or so larger than the trunk lid in each direction to ensure the stability of the glass lid. Add transparent adhesive rubber bumpers to each corner of the lid to hold the glass lightly, if you prefer. The glass lid protects the lid off the real trunk from spills or moisture in the vessels.

Show vintage travel labels on the trunk lid through the glass, or place vintage travel postcards on top of the lid under the glass for a similar effect. If the trunk is too short to use comfortably as a glass nesting coffee tables, increase its height with the legs or feet of the bun, as the type used in sofas. A general pattern of coffee table height of 18 inches, so looks for legs that bring the trunk near that height.


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