Glass And Metal Coffee Table Best Combinations


Glass And Metal Coffee Table – In this section, we will teach you how to make a metal structure for a coffee table, using the welding technique. A simple work that we will see, step by step, below. To make the structure, we will need an iron tube of 60 X 60 mm. From which we will extract four pieces for each leg and the crossbar. Using the technique of arc welding, we join the tubes together and color the metal surface.

After putting the covers and the self-adhesive tears, we put the countertop. We mark and cut the pieces of iron, using the mini-grinder and a disc to cut glass and metal coffee table. It is advisable to protect both hands and eyes with strong gloves and glasses. We replace the cutting disc with a roughing disc and review the cutting areas until the surface is even. Next, we present the four pieces that will form one of the legs on a flat surface and fasten them with some squares.

It’s the turn of welding glass and metal coffee table. We connect the soldering iron, we prime the electrode and we give some welding points in the joining areas. Then, we chop and remove the slag, using a wire brush. We check that the iron tubes are square and give the final weld bead. It is important to protect your face, especially your eyes, with a mask. We review the joints with the mini-shaper again until the surface is even and polished.


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