Glass And Chrome Coffee Table Awesome Display


Glass And Chrome Coffee Table – If you are looking for a table to place in the room and have a large space to place a snack or leave magazines, electronic devices or decorative objects pay attention to the one that you have right now on the screen because it comes with a great value for money. With measures of 90 x 90 cm and 40 cm high. You will be great whether you are going to put it in front of the sofa and coffee table.

And also if you want to install it in a corner of a room and have it as a glass and chrome coffee table furniture to place decorative objects or to leave dishes and utensils when invited to eat and the dining room is a little small. Of course, because of its structure and materials, it weighs a lot. Although we cannot give you this exact information, the manufacturer does not indicate it in the description of the product.

Neither the glass nor the metal legs seem to be light. So to change it, you will probably need someone’s help to make the task more comfortable for you. Comfortable and fast. You should know that they are sell separately. That is, in the price that we have told you at the beginning. Only the glass and chrome coffee table is include, which, by the way, is disassemble as standard.


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