Driftwood Coffee Table With Glass Top Combination


Driftwood Coffee Table With Glass Top – Currently, there is a very interesting momentum towards the super healthy lifestyle. The search for organic things and the return to nature. On the other hand, when designing the living room. The essential moment is the choice of the model of the sofa and the coffee table. In this regard, the driftwood coffee table is the nature furniture, par excellence, to add to your living room. The floating wood coffee table with transparent glass top is the most popular variant of this type of furniture.

Opting for such a model is a smart choice. As the translucent tray will not hide or steal the beauty of the sculptural base. Naturally, a logical choice of interior decoration to associate with the driftwood coffee table with glass top is the seaside spirit. Although the driftwood coffee table only fully reveals its beauty when the materials are raw. Some prefer to polish and repaint the base to make the table nobler. To this end, it is better to choose the metallic paint.

Normally, the base of this type of coffee table is composed of a large piece of driftwood of sculptural appearance or some large pieces, put together. Here, on the other hand, we have several sticks “piled up” in a way, at first glance, chaotic. Speaking of organic designs, we cannot miss the fossilized wood is another material carve by nature. That is the perfect alternative to the classic driftwood coffee table with glass top.


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