Cleaning Light Wood Coffee Table Surfaces


Light Wood Coffee Table – The cleaning of wooden objects and surfaces has its tricks and secrets. Fortunately, these are simple steps that anyone can take, resulting in impeccable table woods, healthy and in perfect condition, with few materials and a little care. The first step to having impeccable woods, whether in floors, in furniture or in various objects, is to keep them always dry. Do not support wet elements on them directly, use a waterproof coaster, tablecloths or individual when you serve drinks and infusions.

This will help you on many other occasions. It is also not a good idea to rest a cold drink or bottle on the table wood, even if it is dry. Infusions: The stains produced by infusions (tea, coffee, mate) can be solved by applying a damp cloth and letting it hydrate the dirt. Then, review with the same cloth, and finish cleaning with a specific product for light wood coffee table. You can go over it with bitumen or with restorative liquid for woods, if there is discoloration.

Alcohol: Alcohol stains on the wood can be remove by moistening the area and resting a warm damp cloth on them (not too much). Then, review with wood cleaner. Wax stains: If the stain on the light wood coffee table was wax, first remove it with a warm cloth or placing blotting or absorbent paper, and on it, the iron to the minimum temperature, for just one or two seconds at a time.


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