Wood And Iron Coffee Table Antique

Wood And Iron Coffee Table – Iron and wood the perfect combination of a coffee table that will not leave you indifferent. We manufacture it to measure so that your table has the perfect measure in your living room. Keep in mind that the coffee table revolves around your sofas and armchairs, so the measure […]

Wood Metal Coffee Table Creative

Wood Metal Coffee Table – When decorating a room, you have to take into account many details. One of them will be combining all the elements that will make up the whole. And at that moment you have to decide what to use, whether center tables with metal legs or wooden ones. If you do […]

Wooden Crate Coffee Table Awesome

Wooden Crate Coffee Table – In the series of diversions of wooden cases in furniture and decorative accessories, here are two wine racks become a coffee table. They were assembled, with a board (in this case, a shelf of the old cabinet) and wheels. Wood is a very valuable material, it allows to quickly changing […]

Pallet Wood Coffee Table Combine

Pallet Wood Coffee Table – We are going to make a table with a pallet in a very simple way. Thanks to the recycling of pallets that we show you in this article we can create different furniture. On this occasion, from this plans we will teach you how to build a coffee table for […]

Oval Wood Coffee Table Antique

Oval Wood Coffee Table – Oval tables allow you to have a table that extends the surface of time that minimizes the width that would be required for a full rounded. In spaces where a traditional rectangular table would be appropriate, but you want to do something with softer edges, an oval table is ideal. […]

Grey Wood Coffee Table Awesome

Grey Wood Coffee Table – The coffee table is an optional decoration of our living room, not only for its own simple but also for the elements that we can put on it. On the other hand, we already know the importance of decorative complements, and how certain touches can completely change the look of […]

White Wood Coffee Table Design

White Wood Coffee Table – I’m bored with the traditional coffee tables for the dining room. They seem to be boring, boring and common. So, following this rule, I customized some blocks of wood and turned them into my coffee tables. I decided to reuse some wooden boxes that I had in the garage to […]

Distressed Wood Coffee Table Awesome

Distressed Wood Coffee Table – Undoubtedly, one of the star options is to build your own coffee table or lounge from four wooden boxes. There are plenty of reasons: it is fast, simple, economical and very versatile (wood accepts almost any varnish or paint). In addition, the table does not miss the main function of […]

Light Wood Coffee Table Danish

Light Wood Coffee Table – The cleaning of wooden objects and surfaces has its tricks and secrets. Fortunately, these are simple steps that anyone can take, resulting in impeccable table woods, healthy and in perfect condition, with few materials and a little care. The first step to having impeccable woods, whether in floors, in furniture […]

Modern Wood Coffee Table Awesome

Modern Wood Coffee Table – When we seek to make a change in the decoration of our living room, one of the pieces that more importance acquires is the coffee table, for that reason, we must be very cautious at the time of choosing it. Today we are going to try to give you some […]