Silver And Glass Coffee Table Slim

Silver And Glass Coffee Table – Deposed many times by the sofa, the undoubted king of the living room, the coffee table has, nevertheless, a primordial role in the visual and aesthetic result of this room. The glass is sophisticated although according to what other materials and deco pieces are combined you can get interesting […]

Chrome Glass Coffee Table Smoked

Chrome Glass Coffee Table – A glass coffee table will give your living room a touch of elegance. The wide variety of models and styles ensures that you will find the perfect coffee table designed especially for you. But which accent to choose? Metallic accents? The trend guides us to the combination of glass and […]

Glass Coffee Tables And End Tables Types

Glass Coffee Tables And End Tables – If space is limited in the living area, choose a circular coffee table to facilitate the passage. This model, 1 m in diameter and 45 cm in height. Has a sufficient support surface to place accessories or a tray at dinner time. In addition, its design of retro […]

White Glass Coffee Table Simple

White Glass Coffee Table – If you are looking for a cheap coffee table, right now we bring you a good offer. Its envelope is making of tempered glass of 8mm and 6mm for the lower shelf, suitable for placing magazines, coasters and all those gossips that haunt the room. It fits perfectly in contemporary […]

Wood Coffee Table With Glass Top Simple

Wood Coffee Table With Glass Top – Today, we find it for a great project. The creation of a coffee table with pallets. If necessary, cut a piece of your palette to the desired size. Ours was very big, so we had to cut a piece so that it was a size adaptation to our […]

Oval Glass Top Coffee Table Simple

Oval Glass Top Coffee Table – It takes a minute of inattention to break a glass table top. Drop a heavy object on this beautiful table flea market, and its glass tray will break. No worries. Before throwing away your grandmother’s table, learn to replace the glass top. Sometimes repairing broken glass top is as […]

Iron And Glass Coffee Table Smoked

Iron And Glass Coffee Table – They will be 2 coffee tables, build with a iron structure. The largest 45 cm high, made with iron bars. Which will hold a circular cover 60 cm in diameter, removable so that it is also use as a tray. The smallest will be 34 cm high x 40 […]

Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables Standard

Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables – For many living rooms, a coffee table is an integral part of which the design is anything but complete. That’s why today we present this guide with tips on how to choose coffee tables for the living room. By the appearance of this furniture, you can learn something about the […]

Brass Glass Coffee Table Stand

Brass Glass Coffee Table – In the living room, dining room, hall, office or meeting room. A table is a perfect decorative element, which if you know how to choose with skill and taste, is able to wear a whole room. The possibilities, in terms of structure and materials, are endless. Elegant and modern design. […]

All Glass Coffee Table Sets

All Glass Coffee Table – In the past, it was impossible to think that some furniture would be glass because of its high cost and danger. Today we have resolved this conflict with laminated glass that allows us to break the pieces, adhering to the central sheet. In this way, it will not generate cuts […]