Build Structures Rectangle Coffee Table With Glass Top


Rectangle Coffee Table With Glass Top – To make the structure of the table, we will use iron pieces, which we will cut to size and join them together using the technique of arc welding. Afterward, we will protect the metallic surface with black antimony paint and when it has dried, we will place the countertop that will be composed of two glass envelopes, as a sandwich, and as filler: some CDs and some vinyl discs.

After marking the iron pieces that we need to make the structure, we made the cuts with the grinder and a disc to cut this type of material. The union ends will be at an angle of 45ยบ. To work with greater safety and precision, we firmly tie the tires to the rectangle coffee table with glass top with jaws. Next, we replace the cutting disc with a specific one and we go over the ends of the tires until the surface is completely smooth. When we have assembled the four legs, we join them to the central disc using the same technique.

We give some welding points, remove the slag and after checking that the joints are well make, we apply the cord. It is important to use the mask, the apron, and strong gloves. We support one of the glass envelopes on the metal rectangle coffee table with glass top structure, we put the vinyl discs and the cd-s on the piece and finally, we cover the decorative motifs with the other countertop.


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