Black Coffee Table Sets Combine TV Cabinet


Black Coffee Table Sets – It is a coffee table and a TV cabinet with white wood. Which I had already repainted a few years ago in light black. I still like the color but to bring a more modern touch to this living room furniture. I decided to repaint the tray with a much darker color, to slice with the light black. As there were several layers of paints on my furniture, I had to use a wood cleaner.

The product should be spread out generously with a brush on the surface to be stripping. Leave on for several minutes as indicated on the instructions and scrape with a spatula in the direction of the wood. I had to repeat this step several times to be totally rid of all layers black coffee table sets of paint. Even though the product says it can remove 10 layers, it’s not magic.

And it can come back very expensive if you want to strip a large piece of black coffee table sets because you have to put a thick enough layer of product for it to be effective. After picking everything off, I put a wet sponge to remove the entire residue. I used a smooth surface underlay from Libéron, using a flat brush. An undercoat of raw wood would have been enough, but I already had the pot so I used it. Allow the necessary time to dry as indicated on the instructions before painting.


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